Ren Min

来源: 时间:2019-11-12

Associate Professor of Sociology

Visiting Scholar at Harvard2015-2018

Research InterestSociology of Technology, Sociology of Organization, Social Work with Family and Children

Min Ren is Associate Professor of Sociology at Huangzhong University of Science and Technology. Her research investigates the informatization of Chinese state-owned Enterprise, the creative teaching methods of Social Work, and the Chinese family theory. As to the main publications, she has published two papers in Chinese top journal of sociology, Sociological Study, concerning about the organizational culture change in ERP adoption and the intra-organizational legitimacy issues about technology adoption in organization. She also published one paper in the top journal of Chinese social work, Chinese Social work Study, concerning action research development in Chinese context, namely, shuttling action research.

Currently, Min is doing on the projects: 1) a monograph to develop an institutional theory of organization in ERP adoption cases; 2) a book about family relationship management: half love, half rationality; 3) a book about social worker students training and social work action, the way doing social work in daily life; 4) a book about Harvard, different than existing books about Harvard, this tries to uncover the normal people’s subjective life, who work at Harvard but not those star professors and talented students, from comparative perspective, their diverse enlightening understanding how they view Harvard, the world, and their life; 5) translating the text book of Modern Sociology Theory (the author is Gorge Rizter); 6) some journal publications, including Chinese intimacy relationship, and others topics concerning with social work co-authored with students.

Contact Information:

227, 7th East Building, School of Sociology

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Hongshan District, Wuhan City

Hubei Province, 430074

P. R. China