Zhang Xiaoshan

来源: 时间:2019-11-12

NameZhang Xiaoshan

Job title:Associate professor

Professional direction:Sociology

Education and research experience:

Zhang Xiaoshan, male, Han ethnicity, born in July 1962, doctor of sociology, associate professor, director of sociology teaching and research office.

Research fields and interests:

Sociological theory and methodology

Academic papers:

1. Empirical Analysis on the factors influencing the willingness of farmers to become citizens (collaborator: Zhang Yingyang),Hunan Agricultural University (SOCIAL SCIENCE EDITION), 2017, issue 4.

2. Analysis of factors affecting farmers' land awareness (collaborator: Zhang Yingyang),Journal of South China Agricultural University (SOCIAL SCIENCE EDITION), 2017, issue 2.

3. Modernity Interpretation establishes four founders of sociology,China Social Science Journal, 2016.

4. Four paradigms of sociology meet the multi-dimensional research purport of scholars,China Social Science Journal, may 22, 2015.

5. Cultural subjectivity and modern changes of family: Research on Fei Xiaotong's family sociology thoughts (collaborator: Shi Yan),Journal of Huazhong University of science and Technology (SOCIAL SCIENCE EDITION), 2014, issue 2.

6. Who is the theorist of postmodern society,China Social Science Journal, February 28, 2014.

7. Subjective well-being of urban junior high school students and its influencing factors (collaborator: Liu Ying),Youth research, 2013, issue 2.

8. Reflection on social research methods: post-modernism paradigm exploration,China Social Science Journal, May 21, 2012.

9. The postmodern features of Zimmer's social research methodology, Journal ofHuazhong University of science and Technology (SOCIAL SCIENCE EDITION), 2012, issue 3.

10. "The shaping process of sociological classics",China Social Science Journal, December 6, 2011.

11. Looking at the stigma of HBV carriers from the perspective of medical discourse (collaborator: Nan Haofeng),Medicine and philosophy, 2009, issue 3.

12. Some problems about analysis units in social research,Sociology, 2008, issue 9, reprinted by the National People's Congress.

13. Analysis of related concepts of postmodern social theory,Theoretical discussion, 2007, issue 3.

14. How to treat the scientific identity of sociology,Science and technology and dialectics, 2006, issue 3.

15. On the basic characteristics of postmodern theory,Theoretical discussion, 2006, issue 6.

16. Survey on social morality consciousness of urban residents (collaborator: Liu Ying),Statistics and decision making, 2006, issue 3.

17. A study on the four meanings of modernity,Theory discussion, 2005, issue 6.

18. Psychological contract reconstruction in the process of enterprise merger and acquisition (cooperator: Hu Xiaomei),Statistics and decision, 2005, issue 6.

19. Case study on homosexuality in a city in Central China (collaborator: Liu Ying),Youth study, 2004, issue 8.

20. "Reflections on the silencing of women's discourse in the information age" (collaborator: Shi Yan),Youth studies, 2003, issue 5.

21. "Half the sky" for women to enter the online world (collaborator: Shi Yan),Society, 2003, issue 7.

22. Social theory in two dimensions: Habermas on modernity and religion (collaborator: Xiong Fangliang),Society, 2003, issue 3.

23. Rationality in Sociological Perspective (collaborator: Tao Yanlan),Society, 2002, issue 4.

24. "Contemporary western social theory from the perspective of modernity",Sociology, copied by the NPC, 2001, issue 9.

25. A study on the characteristics of science,Science and technology and dialectics, 2001, issue 3.

26. "Great potential for developing private economy in central and Western China",Hubei Social Sciences, 1999, issue 7.

27. "From the basic principles of Marxism to see the existence and development of private enterprises in China," Socialist studies, 1999, issue 1.

Academic monographs:

1. Social statistics and SPSS application (Second Edition) (editor in chief),Huazhong University of science and Technology Press, 2018.

2. Participation in observation, Chongqing: Chongqing University Press, 2015

Concise sociology course (co-edited),Huazhong University of science and Technology Press, 2012.

3. Social statistics and SPSS application (editor in chief),Huazhong University of science and Technology Press, 2010.

4. Social survey course (Fifth Edition) (co-edited),Renmin University of China Press, 2010.

5. Introduction to sociology,Huazhong University of science and Technology Press, 2008.

6. Participation in observation,Chongqing University Press, 2008.

7. 20 most influential sociological masterpieces in history,Shaanxi people's publishing house, 2007.

8. Organizational diagnosis: methods, models and processes,Chongqing University Press, 2007.

9. Social science research: method review,Chongqing University Press, 2006.

10.Social research methods,Higher education press, 2006.

11. Western Sociological Theory (editor in chief),Huazhong University of science and Technology Press, 2005.

12. Research on labor capital relations in private enterprises (co-edited),Huazhong University of Technology Press, 2000.

13. Introduction to social management,Huazhong University of Technology Press, 1999.

Project Undertakings:

1. “The new path of Social Research -- the research of postmodernism paradigm”, general project of national social science foundation, 2009.

2. "The evolution of methodology of western sociology", general program of Humanities and Social Sciences, Ministry of education, 2007.

3. "Research on the guarantee mechanism of rural education investment in Hubei Province in the post agricultural tax era", Hubei education planning research topic, 2007.

4. "Research on the moral concept of urban residents in Hubei Province in the transformation period", the research project of Humanities and social sciences of Hubei Education Department, 2005.

5. "Research on family resemblance between Zimmer and postmodern thinkers", National Social Science Foundation Project 2018.

Teaching courses:

Classical sociological theory

Contemporary sociological theory

Social work theory

Introduction to Sociology

Methods of social investigation, etc.