Luo Yan

来源: 时间:2019-11-12


Assistant Professor



Certified Social Work Practitioner(China);




MA(Social Service Administration)(HK PolyU)

Research Interests:

 Social Work with Elderly

 Long-term care with elderly in China


Social Work with Elderly

 Advanced Social Work Practicum

Social Work Administration

Selected Publications:

 Yan Luo , “How did they face in China? – The study of 12 sexual abusive victims in Beijing” China Youth University For Political Science ,Journal 2010 Issue 5;

Yan Luo, Guanghong Qi “The Evaluation Design and Evaluation Report Writing” Journal of Social Work ,2012 Issue 3 ;

Yan Luo,An analysis of the curriculum of the master of social work program of Arizona State University, Journal of Social Work ,2014 Issue 6 ;

 Yan Luo , Lai,D.W.L., “The effects of individual reminiscence on self-image , depression and happiness of social welfare institute older adults”, China Social Work Research, 2019, VOL. 14;

Yan Luo, Fei Sun, Lin Jiang & Anao Zhang .“The  stress and coping experiences among Chinese rural older adults in welfare housing: through the lens of life review” Aging & Mental Health , 2019, VOL. 23, NO. 9, 1086–1094;