Guo Qiuju

来源: 时间:2019-11-12

NameGuo Qiuju

Job title:Lecturer

Professional direction:

Family and pension

Protection of vulnerable groups

Education and research experience:

Guo Qiuju, female, Han nationality, graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University in December 2014 with a doctor's degree in management, and is now a lecturer in the school of Sociology of Huazhong University of science and technology.

Research fields and interests:

1. Research on marriage, family and pension in the period of social transformation in China, including intergenerational support, pension willingness and life welfare;

2. The protection of vulnerable groups, including unmarried men under gender imbalance, the elderly under the background of aging, migrant workers under the background of population mobility;

3. Research on the citizenization of migrant workers in the context of urbanization.

Academic papers:

1. China's rural pension and its policy implications under gender imbalance.Journal of public management, 2012 (3): 71-81. (CSSCI).

2. China's gender imbalance and public security: a hundred village survey and major findings .Youth research, 2010 (5): 21-30. (CSSCI)(reprinted by the first issue of C5 demography copied by the people's Congress in 2011, and won the second prize of the 10th philosophy and Social Sciences thesis in Shaanxi Province).

3. Research on the life satisfaction of rural parents under the pressure of marriage.China Rural observation, 2012 (6): 62-70 (CSSCI).

4. The situation, consequences and governance of gender inequality in China from the perspective of Asia: a summary of the International Symposium on gender and social sustainable development.Journal of Xi'an Jiaotong University (SOCIAL SCIENCES EDITION), 2012 (1): 45-51 (CSSCI).

5. Research on the influence of marital status on rural men's willingness to provide for the aged: Based on the investigation and analysis of county B, Anhui Province,Population and development, 2011. (1): 38-44 (CSSCI).

6. A study on the intergenerational economic support of unmarried rural men.Northwest population, 2011 (4): 38-42. (CSSCI).

7. Research on rural family structure and its influence on intergenerational relations in the period of social transformation,Youth research, 2014 (4): 28-38 (CSSCI).

8. "Bachelor" gathering and community public safety: research findings of the national 100 villages survey.Journal of Xi'an Jiaotong University (SOCIAL SCIENCE EDITION), 2012 (6): 36-44 (CSSCI).

9. Marriage Squeeze and Intergenerational Support in Contemporary Rural China: Evidence from Yi County of Anhui Province,International Journal of Aging and Human Development, 2014.

Undertaking projects:

1. From 2013 to now, the National Social Science Fund's major project "orderly promotion of migrant workers' Citizenization: Problems and Countermeasures Based on sustainable livelihood and equalization of public services", (13 & zd044)

2. 2009-2012, the National Social Science Foundation's major research project "Research on China's population gender structure and social sustainable development strategy", (08 & zd048)

3. 2008-2010, Stanford University "President's international research and innovation fund", "Chinese women's lack and social stability: implications for international security"

4. From 2012 to now, "12th Five Year Plan" National Science and technology support program "demonstration application of integrated platform for assessment and decision support of impact of floating population on regional development", "assessment and early warning technology of impact of floating population on regional social system" (2012bai32b07-02)

5. 2010-2011, research on social integration of unmarried men in rural areas under the background of urban and rural population mobility, NSFC ,(09brk009)

Teaching courses:

Geriatric Sociology