Wang Maofu

来源: 时间:2019-11-12

Name: Wang Maofu

Job title:Professor

Professional direction:Sociology

Education and research experience: Ph.D.of Economics, M.A.of Sociology, B.A.of History. Professor of Sociology and Vice dean of Department of Sociology. A Visiting fellow in Department of Sociology, Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1-4, 2003, granted by Ford Foundation . A Visiting Scholar in California University at Berkeley, US during 8, 2008- 9, 2009, funded by China Scholarship Council. A Visitor to Manchester University, UK in 7-9, 2013.

Academic Committee Memberships:

1. Chinese Sociological Association.

2. Urban Sociological Section of Chinese Sociological Association.

3. Section on Economic Sociology, Chinese Sociological Association.

4. Hubei Province Branch of Chinese Sociological Association.

5. Hubei Province Branch of Chinese Demography Association.

Research interests:

Economic Sociology, Sociology of Consumption, Sociology of Work and Job, Organization sociology, Institutional analysis, Sociology of Social Welfare, Resettlement Induced by Construction Project.

Academic publications:

1. Wang, Maofu. 2014. “A Review on the Social Network Approach to Economy,” Sociological Review of China. Issue 5.

2. Wang, Maofu. 2010. “Chinese Carpooling: its Evolution and Effects,” Soft Science of China, issue 11

3. Wang, Maofu. 2011. “A Review on Price Theory of New Economic Sociology,” Sociological Research of China, Issue 5.

4. Wang, Maofu. 2009. "The Goals of the Reservoir Migrant Resettlement: A Perspective of Welfare Economics," Population and Economy, issue 6.

5. Wang, Maofu & Zheng Shi. 2004.  “Institutional Change and Chinese Reservoir Migrants’ Reverse Migration,” Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, issue 3.

6. Wang, Maofu & Tianying Luo.  2002. “Reservoir Migrants’ Reverse Migration andTheir Social Relationships”. Population Science of China, issue 5.

7. Wang, Maofu. 2000. “Environmental Impact on the Reverse Migration of the Reservoir Migrants in the Push-Pull Theoretical Perspective,” Population Science of China, issue 3.

8.Wang, Maofu et al.. 1999. “Regional Cultural Difference’s Effect on the Reverse Migration of the Reservoir Migrants,” Population and Economy, issue 1.

9. Wang, Maofu. 2008. The Research on Chinese Reservoir Migrants’ Reverse Migration. Wuhan: Press of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Research grants:

1. “The Control over the Reservoir Migrants’ Return Migration”, No.97S038, granted in 1997 by Social Science Foundation, Education Bureau, Hubei Province.

2. “Research on Chinese Reservoir Migrants’ Return Migration”, 1998/1999, granted by Ford Foundation, US.

3. “Comments on the Main Perspectives of New Economic Sociology”, No.08BSH035, granted by National Social Science Fund in 2008.

4. “Investigation into Social Conflict Induced by Environment Pollution”, funded by Hubei Provincial Social Science Foundation in 2013.

5.“Investigation on Right Issues in Sharing Economy”,16AZD030 granted by National Social Science Fund in 2016.

6.“Research on Stability and Development of Construction Project Migrants,” Water Resource and Lake Bureau, Hubei Province in 2018

Teaching courses:

Economic Sociology;

Sociology of Work;

Sociological Research Method;

Introductory Sociology.