Peng Yaping

来源: 时间:2019-11-12

NamePeng Yaping

Job title:Lecturer

Professional direction:

1. Governance and Technology

3. Postmodern Social Theory

Education and research experience:

Peng Yaping, male, Han nationality, born in October 1988 in Jianli, Hubei Province.He received aBachelor of economics, Ph.D. in public management of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and is currently a lecturer.


Anonymous reviewer ofChinese Journal of Sociology (CJS)

Research fields and interests:

1. Technological politics: local government behavior, state-building process and social risk evolution from the perspective of Technical Governance.

2. Sociological Theory and methodology: Phenomenological Sociology (cross topics of technology and power, events and situations), social survey / quantitative methodology.

Academic papers:

1. Yaping Peng. The paradox of technical Governance: How did a local government "manufacture" public operation in its polls? [J]. Chinese Journal of society (CJS), accepted.

2. Yaping Peng. How to combine governance and technology: ideological roots and research approaches of technological Governance [J]. Socialist research, 2019, (04): 43-55. (CSSCI)

3. Yaping Peng. Paradox of technological Governance: the political process and results of a public opinion survey [J].Society, 2018, 38 (03): 46-78. (CSSCI)

4. Qijun Liu, Yaping Peng. Corruption in college admissions examinations in China [J].International Journal of educational development, 2015, 41: 104-111. (SSCI, ESI)

5. Qijun Liu, Yaping Peng. Determinants of Willingness to Bribe: Micro Evidence from The Educational Sector in China[J].Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik, 2015, 235(2): 168-183.(SSCI)

6. Qijun Liu, Yaping Peng. Evolution mechanism of behavior environment, social capital and corruption equilibrium [J].Comparison of economic and social systems, 2012 (05): 145-158. (CSSCI)

Project Undertakings:

1. 2013 National Social Science Foundation key project "Research on public participation mechanism in the preparation of local major livelihood special plan" (13azd089)

2. 2017 "fine oriented urban management socialization research" (2017-a-083-b), a special topic of urban governance of development research center of Shanghai Municipal People's Government

3. 2018 Shanghai philosophy and Social Sciences Planning youth project "Shanghai experience and path optimization of Party building leading grassroots social governance from the perspective of organizational embeddedness"

Teaching courses:

Introduction to Sociology