Dai Jie

来源: 时间:2019-11-12

Basic information: Dai Jie, Doctor of Sociology, Associate Professor, Master Tutor in Sociology and Social Work.

Primary domain of research:Social Policy Analysis, Social Project Assessment, Social Organization Management, Social Stratification

Research Papers:

I. Author or First-Author

1.From Closed to Open: Analysis of the Effectiveness of Social Work Embedded in Rural Aged Care Service. Yangtze River Tribune, 20192.2.The “Disadvantage” of the Elderly and the Embedding of Social Work in Rural Welfare Institute, Social Science Trends, 20192.

3.Exploration on the United Front Work for Different Types of Social Organization EmployeesJournal of Hebei Institute of Socialism, 20192.

4.Harmonize the "Minor Problems" of Psychology and Stabilize the Social EnvironmentHubei Daily (Theoretic Edition), 2018.7.17.

5.The Magical Effect of Balloons in the Decompression Social Work Group, China Social Work , 201711)(Volume II.

6.Recognition and Adaptation: An Empirical Study on the Identity of Democratic Party MembersResearch on United Front Science, 20173.

7.The New Media and the Suicides of China’s Young People, Journal of Youth Studies20171.

8.Investigation on the Deviant Behavior of Juvenile Migrants in DongguanPeople's Daily (Internal Reference)201326.

9.An Empirical Study on Deviant Behavior of Juvenile "Xinguan People" Social Sciences in Guangdong , 20136.

10.The Problem of Juvenile Migrants' Deviance: Theoretical Exploration and Countermeasure Analysis, South China Population, 20134.

11.A Preliminary Study on the Construction of Unit-type Community, Hubei Daily (Theoretic Edition), 2012.7.6

12.The Problems and Countermeasures of Income Distribution in China from the Perspective of Social Justice Theory, Jiangsu Social Sciences, 20121.

13.Government Responsibility: Fair Distribution of Income and Reasonable Differentiation of Stratum, Guizhou Social Sciences201111

14.Causes and Intervention Strategies of Internet Suicide Committed by Teenagers in Social Transformation Period, Chinese Youth Research, 201111.

15.Problems and Countermeasures of Building Low-carbon Cities in Wuhan: Based on Participatory Development Theory, Hubei Social Sciences201110.

16.Analysis on the Influencing Factors, Problems and Countermeasures of Income Distribution in ChinaChinese Public Administration, 20119.

17.Evaluation of Wuhan's Policy of Promoting Low-carbon Cities: Based on the Perspective of Public ParticipationLearning Monthly20119.

18.General Theories in Sociology, Journal of South-central University for Nationalities (Social Sciences Edition), 20114.

19. Cope with the Difficulties in the Growth of TeenagersChina Social Work20099)(VolumeⅠ).

20.Stratification Mechanism of Chinese Urban Society in Transformation Period, Social Sciences in Guangdong, 20094.

21.An Analysis of the Paradigm of Modern Social Stratification TheoryJiangxi Social Sciences20092).

22.A Sociological Analysis of the Quality Evaluation of University Graduates by Employing Market, Youth Research, 20015).

II. Second Author

23.Migrant Workers: The Special Stratum of Chinese Society in Social TransformationXinhua Digest, 200610.

24.The Basis of Social Stratification, Journal of South-central University for Nationalities, 20066.

25.Living Resources and Social Stratification, Jiangsu Social Sciences, 20051.

26.On the Institutionalized Development of Urban Community Service in ChinaSocial Work20033.

27.The Function of Social Stratification, Academic Forum, 20032.

Research Works:

1.Urban Stratum Differentiation in China: A Social Stratification Study Based on the CGSS 2003Hubei Renmin Publishing Press, 2009, Sole Author.

2.Social Stratification in Transitional China: from Theory to Practice, Hubei Renmin Publishing Press, 2009, Liu ZuyunTian BeihaiDai Jie.

Research Projects:

1.Evidence-based Assessment of Social Service Projects from a Stakeholder Perspective, Later-stage Projects Funded by National Social Science Fund, 2019.

2.The Influence of China's Social Structural Changes on the United Front Work, Key Program of Hubei Institute of Socialism, 2019. 

3.Research on the Issue of the Aged Care in Large Cities, Project of Civil Affairs Bureau of Hongshan District in Wuhan, 2019.

4.Exploration of United Front Work Path for Social Organization Employees, Project of United Front Department of Wuhan Municipal Committee, 2017.

5.Investigation on the Development Status of Secondary Vocational School Students in Hubei, Project of Communist Youth League Hubei Provincial Committee, 2016.

6.Research on Deviation Behavior of Adolescents and Social Work Intervention between the Mainland and Taiwan, Project of Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League Hubei Provincial Committee, 2016.

7.Analysis of the Communist Youth League's Participation Path in Urban Management, Project of Communist Youth League Wuhan Municipal Committee, 2014.

8.Analysis on Problems and Countermeasures of Low Carbon City Construction: Based on Social Participation Theory, Hubei Provincial Social Science Fund, 2013. 

9.Research on the Aged Provision Mode of Bereaved Parents, National Health and Family Planning Commission Project, 2013. 

10.Study on the Needs of the Elderly in the Empty Nest Family and the Intervention through Community Social Work, Project of Population and Family Planning Commission of Hubei Province, 2013.

11.Research on the Influence Factors of Population in the Construction of Low Carbon Cities in Wuhan, Project of Population and Family Planning Commission of Hubei Province, 2011.

12.The Construction of Low-carbon Society and the New Evolution Trend of the Social Stratum Structure in China, Social Science Foundation of Ministry of Education of China, 2010.

13.Study on Social Impact Assessment of Low Carbon Society in Wuhan City, Wuhan Municipal Social Science Fund, 2010. 

14.Research on Population Safety Assessment of Hubei Province during the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, Project of Population and Family Planning Commission of Hubei Province, 2010.

15.Study on the Living Conditions of Migrant Workers: An Emerging Urban Fringe Stratum in China, Funded by State University of New York, 2001.

Courses Taught:

1.Design, Implementation and Assessment of Social Project

2.Social Organization Management

3.Human Behavior and Social Environment