He Ju

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Associate Professor 

School of Sociology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

No. 1037, Luoyu Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan, Hubei, 430074, P.R. China.

Office Phone/Fax: 86-27-87543152/86-27-87543152

Email: mirrorballho@hust.edu.cn


Socio-cultural Anthropology


Long term attention has been paid to Religion and Ritual; Ancestor Worship, Lineage Organization and Kinship; Contemporary Practice of Diverse Ethnographic Writing; Poverty and Everyday Life of Ethnic Groups in China; Missionaries in Modern China, etc.


At Huazhong University of Science and Technology since 2011.

2014 – Present  Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology, China

2011 – 2014 Assistant Professor(lecture) at the Department of Sociology, China


2011 Ph.D.(Sociology, research field in Social Anthropology), Department of Sociology, Wuhan University, China

2008 M.A. (Anthropology), Department of Sociology, Wuhan University, China

2006 B.A. (Social Work), Department of Sociology, Wuhan University, China



2017 Polysemic Author: The Anthropological Writing Participated by Multiple Subjects: Based on the Analysis of Texts on ‘The Spirit of Gift’.多义性作者:多元主体参与的人类学写作——基于“礼物之灵”诸文本的考察与辨析 Ethno-national Studies, 4:50-63.

2014 The Subjective Comparison of Translator, Author and Reader: Out of the Representation Crisis in EthnographyReview on Chien, Mei-ling’s ‘Transcription and Translation of Hmub Antique Songs: A Song Master’s Manuscript, Knowledge, Space and Landscape’.翻译者、作者与读者的主体对照:走出民族志表述危机——兼评简美玲〈苗人古歌的记音与翻译:歌师Sangt Jingb的手稿、知识与空间〉 Taiwan Journal of Anthropology. 2: 85-104.

2013 Ritual Capacity: A New Pattern of Contemporary Lineage Segmentation Based on the Data of Duan Lineage in Zhoucheng, A Bai Village of Dali, Yunnan Province.仪式容量: 当代宗族裂变的新模式——以云南大理周城白族村段氏宗族为例 Ethno-national Studies, 2:48-59.

2010 Tradition Recreation: An Example of Kucong in Zhenyuan County, Yunnan Province.再造传统——以云南省镇沅县苦聪人为例 Chinese Journal of Sociology, 4:179-199.

Academic monograph

2014 Missionaries and Social Reform in Modern China: Study on the Religious and Social Practice of Timothy Richard in China(1870-1916).传教士与近代中国社会变革:李提摩太在华宗教与社会实践研究 China Social Sciences Press.


2017 The Community Reconstruction of The Kucong People in The Anti-poverty relocation program

Funding Source –The National Social Science Fund of China

2014 The Construction of Subjectivity of The Relocated Kucong People in The Social Adaptation Progress

Funding Source –The Ministry of education's youth fund for Humanities and Social Sciences 


2016 Hubei Provincial Award for Outstanding Achievements in Social Sciences第十届湖北省社会科学优秀成果奖三等奖, Hubei Provincial People’s Government

2016 The Morningstar Faculty Scholar, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

2014 Award for Scholar of Distinction, Huazhong University of Science and Technology


Cultural Anthropology, Ethnic Group Studies